Used Uglu for area carpet and fabric

Albuquerque, New Mexico 0 comments

I spent a lot of time applying Uglu to an 8 x 10 area rug that doesn't get much traffic and to 2 smaller ones that do.After a few months, the adhesive stopped working and became totally ineffective.

It was REALLY difficult to remove from my wood floors. Because of the time removing it involved, I haven't even removed all of the pieces and have marred the wood.

I also used to try to "glue" fabric onto wood for a bed skirt. It fell off in a few days.

I'm very disappointed in this product!What a waste of time and money.

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Uglu complaint

Waupun, Wisconsin 0 comments

I have tried Uglu in many low tech situations and have found it to be unworkable.It will not hold any type of weight.

Especially where heat is involved, like holding up a fluorescent light bar, or any small weight like holding up a telephone on the wall. Any weight at all is not workable. I find no area where Uglu is useful. A total waste of money.

And certainly does not live up to its claims. I have found no use for this stuff.

It comes unglued easily.I thought I had many many uses for this stuff, but it seems to not live up to any usage.

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UGLU - Shipping was outrageous, and product does not work.

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Saw advertisement for Uglu on TV and ordered it by phone based on that ad.The person I spoke with was very insistent that I "needed" the "free" package of Uglu for only the extra shipping charge.

Even after I said I did not want that, she insisted that was the only was they would send the product to me. Shipping charge is totally outrageous also. They advertise double the amount of Uglu stickers, for only the additional shipping charge. Come on people, the shipping was as much or more than the produt itself!

Nice moneymaker for someone. The only thing Uglu adhered to was my fingers! I tried to hand several small pictures (8X10's), and none stayed on the wall for more than an hour.

Some of the Uglu did stay on the wall, and some removed paint.Not happy!

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UGLU is awful

Buffalo, New York 0 comments

It hasnt worked on anything I tried it on.The big pieces will not even hold light cork to my wall.

Everything falls down. I had a picture that fell and broke the frame. DO NOT BUY. I have two boxes and they are going in the trash.

How can they advertize such a product. Did they even test it? I had a 12X12 cork board and used UGLU on all four corners they had all fell down by the next day.

I tried again with new pieces and using the larger pieces and it still was a mess.DO not belief these people.

UGLU - U-GLU is ripoff! Undisclosed exorbitant S&H!

San Diego, California 13 comments
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NEVER BUY from U-GLU! I ordered 2 of U-Glu's 150-variety pack on their statement that the second one would be free. They charged equally for it. They didn't not disclose S&H for the 150-pack or 2 150's. I was shocked to be charged $27.96 for this $20 weighing 9 oz. I NEVER would have ordered this if I knew. Their ad led me to believe that for $10 plus $6.99 S&H I would receive my order. Instead they charged $20 plus $27.96 S&H.

When I called to complain & ask for a discount, they denied misleading or false advertising, with further complaint on my part, the agent offered a $6.99 discount. When I asked to speak to his manager, Carmen, she said she said the "best I can do is offer you a $10 discount," which I accepted, but she hung up on me when I complained of their nondisclosure of S&H for 150-pack. So I needed to call back again.

I got someone different that wasn't willing to give any discount, so I asked to speak to their manager, who also refused any discount. I told them about Carmen's offer & they said they would check. Only then was my order reduced by $10. So you are very misled by this company when you order the 150-kit. It's like a switch & bait.

They start you off advertising their 75-kit plus another 75-kit for free for $10 plus $6.99 in S&H for both, so for 150 pieces, you'd pay $10 plus $13.98 S&H. But then their next offer (this is all by computer over the phone -- lesson learned there as well) says you can DOUBLE your benefit and they'll sell you a 150-kit for $10 plus a second one for free and they NEVER DISCLOSE S&H for the 150-kit. The angry manager Carmen refuted that, saying she'd S&H disclosure for the 150-kit on their website, but when I asked her to direct me to that page, she was unable to. When I told her they had a good scam going, charging $20 for the product and a shocking $27.96 for S&H for a parcel weighing 13 oz--UPS shipping only costs=$4.90!). I could understand why they choose to let angry customers return their product, since their S&H is a huge money maker for them! They made $23 on S&H on my simple order where a clerk plopped 2 little boxes of theirs into a mailing box and sent is 80m to me in San Diego. U-GLU MAKES OUTRAGEOUS S&H PROFIT by OVERCHARGING, EXORBITANTLY CHARGING **WITHOUT DISCLOSURE** ON THE 150-KIT !!! I paid $20 for product and $27.96 for S&H. She then hung up on me.

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Thank you very much for your feedback!!!!!!

I will not buy from them, but elsewhere...


U Glue from 10303 Norris Ave, Pacoima, CA 91331, is rip off! Said buy 1 get 1 free, only got ONE...and S & H advertised at $6.99 was a lie, they charged $23.98!!


Uglu refunded the entire amount.Keep in mind that I cancelled the order before it was shipped.

When I cancelled, I did so in an email including my order number and wrote that I had already called my credit card company (which I had).

So, I am happy with the outcome.I will go to CVS to buy my Uglu because I really do like the product.


I got an email that said they were refunding the entire amount. If they do this then I will be satisfied. I'll post an update when I find out.


I also had a terrible experience.After ordering what I thought was going to be a good deal at 1/2 price making them $5 each (I ordered 2) I was then asked via a pop up ad if I wanted to upgrade for $20 more dollars.

I did. That brought my total to $30, right? WRONG. The next thing I know, I have a bill for $98.88.

I immediately sent them an email cancelling my order. Next, they called me saying that they needed details in order to cancel my order. What? They had the order number - I put it in the cancellation email.

Then (same conversation) I was told that I had to call another number in order to cancel. I did. After telling that person that I wanted to cancel, I was given another number to call. I did.

I was told by this person (oh, and they knew my order information by caller ID because they never even asked for any order details) to hold on while they put my credit through. She came back on the line and actually used the words "good news.....". She went on to say that the charges would be credited to my Visa card in about three days. She failed to tell me that they would not be refunding a $43.92 handling fee.

I found this out from an email they sent me a couple of days later. I am NOT dropping this.

This is the worst on-line shopping experience that I have ever had.And, being a totally disabled person, I do a lot of shopping via the internet.


a shelf came crashing down hours after hanging it w/uGlu..and removing it easily from wallpaper? no chance--ripped the wallpaper trying to remove it..and had the same shipping & handling BS the others here have scam.


Well, I'm glad I checked also. Sorry all these people had to be ripped off so badly that all this info is on line already.

Don't be too soured on "as seen on TV", though because the microwave pasta boat cooker has gotten really, really good reviews.


Thank you for saving me the time and aggravation as I DID NOT get fooled on this one.I've learned to google these things and more often than not discover they're usually too good to be true.

No ethics left in our society.

Just low lifes looking to scam anyone trusting enough to try.Die a slow death, all you UGLU PEOPLE.


Thank you for saving me the time and aggravation as I DID NOT get fooled on this one.I've learned to google these things and more often than not discover they're usually too good to be true.

No ethics left in our society.

Just low lifes looking to scam anyone trusting enough to try.Die a slow death, all you UGLU PEOPLE.


If you order as seen on tv ***....thats what you get is ***...what more can your expect. People are so gullable these days and are so easily ripped of with these miracle products...aka scams. Serves you right lol


I was charged $44.00 S&H for just one little box that was about the size of a small Puffs tissue box... My total bill was $112.00... What a Rip off....

When I called Uglu to find out why I was Charged sooo much, they put me thru customer service... a message come on saying that their sooo busy that I should try calling back at a later time !!

I refused the Package and awaiting credit back on my card !!!!


This product is GARBAGE! I used Uglu to hang a couple of small pictures (each weighing less than a pound) only to have the product fail and my photos come crashing down within 48 hours of application - not only ruining my picture frames and pictures but also ripping the paint from my walls. Uglu is a pure scam - DO NOT PURCHASE UNDER AND CIRCUMSTANCES!


I also fell into their trap and was ripped off by product misrepresentation and rediculous s&h charges.

When I attempted to make comments on their customer survey website, I found it to be non-existent and bogus as well.

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